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Don’t Fool Yourself: There is No Work/Life Balance

The idea of achieving work/life balance is a modern-day knockoff of the American Dream, rooted in the minds of ambitious yet overworked professionals who want to “have it all” — work and play, career and family. I don’t believe there … Continue reading

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Fifty Opportunities to Die

Entrepreneurship is notorious for it ups and downs. Barely making payroll sucks but getting mentioned in Forbes doesn’t suck nearly as much. Ironically, they can sometimes happen in the same week. This week I’m happy to report it’s a time … Continue reading

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Are you faster than a South American Tiger Beetle?

One of the fascinating things about being a human being on this planet is getting a sneak peek at what goes on in other people’s brains. My friend Paul is an aerospace engineer who builds satellites, makes fractal pancakes, and … Continue reading

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Why bloggers should be paid for sponsored content

The discussion about whether or not to pay influencers and bloggers who create sponsored content has been going on for years.  Some marketers believe that, like journalists, bloggers should not be paid for covering product news and its simply part … Continue reading

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BlogFrog is now TapInfluence

When my son was little, my life was so consumed with the basics – carrying him, teaching him, feeding him, and just making sure he made it around sharp corners and ledges without killing himself.  It was hard to imagine … Continue reading

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13 Ways Running A Start-up is Like Having a Baby

I have given birth to one child and helped launch at least 5 start-ups. I might have a few illegitimate start-ups out there that I don’t know about but we’ll save that for another post. I had a blinding moment … Continue reading

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A Lesson In Gratefulness From Those With Less

I distinctly remember the day my son came home from elementary school one afternoon talking about how several of the kids in his class had iPhones. I was stunned. What does an elementary school kid need with an iPhone? He … Continue reading

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My first half Ironman, the Boulder Ironman 70.3 (#11)

It’s been 6 days and I’m still tired from the Boulder Ironman 70.3, my longest triathlon distance so far.  The race is the third in the Annual Boulder Tri Series which includes a sprint distance in June (Boulder Sprint Tri), … Continue reading

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Banner advertising: a $62B industry based on a product nobody likes

I find it fascinating that even though research continues to show that banner advertising effectiveness is declining, projected spend is rising.  EMarketer projects that US brands will spend $62 Billion on online advertising by the year 2016 (click image to … Continue reading

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Sittin’ on the dock of the bay

I am not a very good vacation-taker but time away from work is important. We need it to re-charge, calibrate our senses, and reconnect with those loved ones who have been unconditionally cheering for us on the sidelines of our … Continue reading

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