Fifty Opportunities to Die

Entrepreneurship is notorious for it ups and downs. Barely making payroll sucks but getting mentioned in Forbes doesn’t suck nearly as much. Ironically, they can sometimes happen in the same week. This week I’m happy to report it’s a time for celebration. I often tell people that in the 4+ years since we launched TapInfluence, there have been fifty opportunities for us to die as a company. Fifty opportunities for the product to not work, for customers to not buy, for the right person to not get hired, for us to raise too much/little money, or to take a decision too lightly/seriously. Thankfully, we seem to be making the right choices and I’m grateful the startup gods (and venture capitalists) continue to smile on us.

Thanks to the hard work of many talented people, we announced two pieces of big news this week. First, we are thrilled to release the next version of our influencer-marketing platform that now includes the industry’s first Influencer Marketplace, a feature enabling brands and influencers to collaborate with one another inside a software platform to generate authentic content. For the first time, brands now have access to audience demographics and the ability to track the actual dollar value of each piece of distributed content.

Its no secret that one of the business areas most impacted by the digital age is Marketing. For every plugged-in marketer excited that part of their role now includes posting on Facebook and reading blogs, there are two others struggling to get their heads around the pace and volume of digital information, both how to consume and create it. Influencers represent an army of content creators and distributors and TapInfluence has just made partnering with them a whole lot easier.

The second announcement is that we are honored to have raised a $5.0 million Series B round of venture capital from existing investor Grotech Ventures and new investor Access Venture Partners. This latest round of funding will be used to expand the company’s engineering, marketing and customer success teams in Boulder and throughout the United States.

Many thanks to our team, investors, customers and our families for giving us the opportunity to live another day getting to do what we love the most. You can read more about our Influencer Marketplace launch and our Funding News on the Tapinfluence website.

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4 Responses to Fifty Opportunities to Die

  1. Can I just say that it has been a thrilling ride just watching your success from the sidelines. It is obvious that success comes to those who assemble the perfect team and go about business in such a meaningful way. I am gleaming from ear to ear with nothing but admiration for your style as business leaders and impressed at the work you have done to evolve a solution that addresses of the biggest needs that we as marketers have. Influence is everything. Having worked with the first iteration of your product, I love telling the stories of a marketing campaign gone right. I can only imagine what the future holds.

  2. Congratulations!
    Your hard work, great attitude and personality do you proud. So good to see your efforts come to such fruition … and you handle it all with such poise and grace.
    As your late night ‘idol’ would say – you ‘go for the burn!’ ;)
    Blessed to call you friend – Nicole xxx

  3. Rustin Banks says:

    Well said! You rock. Best. Business. Partner. Ever.

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