BlogFrog runs the BolderBoulder

A fundamental guiding principal at BlogFrog is the notion of teamwork.  So when Caitie Ramsburg, our Director of Client Services, put out the challenge to run the annual Bolder Boulder 10K as a team, a handful of troopers showed up.  Not only did they agree to run 6.1 miles through Boulder’s residential neighborhoods and up the notorious climb into Folsom Stadium, they all agreed to do it………wearing green sparkly skirts.

In the group picture (left to right): Rustin Banks, Jody Dey, Holly Hamann, Keely Nolan (top), Danielle Buckley, Caitie Ramsburg, Molly Theda.

Congratulations to the team on completing the first annual BlogFrog Bolder Boulder.  Hang on to those sparkly skirts ’cause your going to need them next year!

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One Response to BlogFrog runs the BolderBoulder

  1. Krista says:

    I love (love!) sparkly skirts! Talk about great motivation to get moving.

    I also wanted to leave you a quick note and let you know that I just nominated your blog for the ‘Top 25 Tech Moms’ contest…great to have found it.

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