PelicanFest Triathlon (#8)

I’d never raced in Windsor but apparently, the legacy of the PelicanFest Sprint Triathlon is the swim, an open water course in Windsor Lake, known for being cold.  It definitely was cold (63 degrees!) on Saturday and definitely wet suit worthy.

I used to stay out of the water before the race and not warm up, mainly because I’d end up standing around in my dripping wet suit for up to 45 minutes before my heat.  Once the race starts, they close the transition area no matter when your heat starts.  So you better have your wet suit, goggles, cap, earplugs, etc. when you leave because you can’t go back in until after the swim.  But I’ve learned that doing a few laps really helps as does standing in the water while you wait, instead of up on the beach.  I have mild asthma and getting that first shock of cold out of the way early really helps me be calmer later. One surprise was the tall seaweed you had to swim through to get to the swim exit.  Wasn’t expecting to have grass in my mouth!

The bike ride was beautiful and the run was a scenic course that ran around the lake.  I found myself pacing behind this woman in a blue jersey almost the whole race and got one of my best times. Thanks, Susan!

I’m really enjoying these sprint triathlons as a fun change of pace from my regular training.  10 weeks out until the big race – the Boulder 70.3 on August 5th!

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