Annoyed with pot holes? There’s an app for that!

I am constantly amazed at the innovative tools people are creating for the iPhone and Android phones.  A nearby town, Erie CO, recently debuted their Citizen’s Request Tracker, an iPhone app that lets residents snap a photo of a pothole, graffiti, or public trash and instantly send to the city for repair or clean-up.

For instance, the app lets a person snap a photo of a pothole, add a description of the request, and instantly submit to city officials.  GPS technology built into the smartphone embeds the location data into the request and displays a map pinpointing the offending pothole. According to Erie officials quoted in Saturday’s Longmont Times-Call, “if they report it in the morning, by the time they go home in the evening we should have it patched up.” That’s pretty cool!

The town of Erie is about 10 minutes from where we live so my son and I decided to test it out.  We drove around town for about 15 minutes looking for potholes, damaged signs, trash, broken railings, anything we could find.  We found nothing but clean, unblemished roads.  So I guess the app must be working :)

My kids came up with two ideas on how to improve the app. They suggested 1) adding a feature that shows motorists where the citizen-reported potholes were so your phone could alert you when you were about to hit one and 2) they wanted a feature that lets you name the pothole.

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