Digital Impact Conference: Reaching online consumers via women bloggers

Brands are learning that it isn’t enough to just advertise to women online.  Real influence happens when brands form relationships with women/moms and participate in the conversations that women are having with each other.  And it’s no secret that the online consumers with the most influence are those actively engaged in social technologies like Facebook and Twitter, and those leveraging blogs to publish original content and build their own niche loyal readership.

Bloggers represent online influence and women represent a powerful consumer demographic.  Put them together and you have the Holy Grail for brands trying to reach women and moms online. What are the most effective ways to partner with women bloggers to generate brand affinity, loyalty and drive purchase behavior?

On May 5th, I will be speaking on this subject at the Digital Impact conference in New York, hosted by PRSA, the Public Relations Society of America.  BlogFrog is the largest network of mom bloggers in the U.S. and as co-founder, I work with over 50,000 mom bloggers who together, reach 5 million women each month.

In the session Chick Writ: Consumer Brands: Reach Women Buyers via Female Bloggers, I’ll share tips and strategies learned from working with thousands of female bloggers who actively engage with brands every day. This session will cover:

  1. How to mindfully pitch women bloggers with value propositions that motivate action and brand evangelism.
  2. Understanding the unique relationship dynamics that women bloggers have with their readers and how it drives brand partner decisions.
  3. Case studies of brand and blogger partnerships (successes and failures)
  4. Results of a national survey from thousands of women bloggers who graded brands on strategy, compensation, pitch effectiveness, top vertical markets, mobile use and what creates negative experiences.
  5. How passionate trends like frugality, causes, safety, and ethics are driving blogger brand affinity.

Come join us in New York for a strategy-packed session that will help your brands tap the consumer and digital influence of women and moms online.

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