All Work And No Play…

…..makes most people cranky.  Even if you are brilliant at what you do for work, consider it loads of fun, and it feeds your soul, you still need to step away now and then.  It gives us perspective and keeps us balanced. It is spring break for the boys so we decided to head to Breckenridge, CO for some end-of-season skiing. Breckenridge covers about 5 square miles at 9,600 feet above sea level and was founded to serve gold miners around 1859.

My son has only been snowboarding for a couple years but he is already way better than me, a lifelong skier.  He thinks I’m slow and he’s always waiting for me at the bottom of the mountain.  But its not because I’m slow, its because I get caught up in the amazing views.  I savor the lift rides up and unlike my kids who race to the bottom, I am perfectly content to pull over to the side, take it all in, and meander my way to the bottom.  Just look at the mountain view from the top of Peak 8:

I am no photographer and even from this photo taken from my phone, you can tell this is one magnificent view. If it looks quiet, pure, and innocently white, it’s because it is.  It’s also cold, ancient, and omnipotent.  It was this way long before we got here and hopefully will be long after we leave  I think this run is called Volunteer.  Here’s another view from farther down the trail:

The kids are playing in the arcade and I’m sitting in front of a stone fireplace feeling sore, pleasantly exhausted, and grateful to live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet.

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